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Why is Proper Roof Ventilation so Important?

Why is Proper Roof Ventilation so Important?

Proper ventilation of a roof is an often overlooked topic when it comes to roof repair and replacement. Some roofers simply leave your vents as-is which may be okay in some cases. But in other situations, it can be taking years of life off your roof.

Just because your home may have five vents does not mean it is happy with five. Attic temperatures can skyrocket when heated air becomes trapped. Tests have demonstrated that 150 degrees is not uncommon. This heat can damage your shingles through thermal distress. It can also drastically increase the amount you have to spend on air conditioning. That’s why it’s a good idea to ensure that your roof ventilation is up to the task.

attic temperature diagram showing air flow with and without fans
Diagram of how home ventilation works.

There are numerous ways to keep your home cool. There are passive methods such as ridge vents and turbine vents which rely on the difference in air temperature between the inside and outside of your home to create flow. Then there are active methods such as attic or whole house fans that will literally pull hot air out of your home. Active ventilation can be wired directly to your home’s electrical system or powered exclusively by solar energy, providing a double dose of savings.

solar powered attic fan made by arctic breeze on a home in the desert
Solar powered attic fan.

The number of vents and fans that your home requires will depend on many factors including the size of the home and average temperatures in your area. As a fairly accurate estimate, many HVAC and roofing experts rely on the 300:1 rule. That is, they will attempt to provide one square foot of ventilation area for every 300 square feet of floor space. They will also make sure that your fans are matched to your vents so that hot air can smoothly flow out of the house.

If your energy bills seem a little high, or its been a little warm for your tastes, call us at JMAC Construction to take a look at your roof ventilation system. We’ll make sure that you and your home stay cool regardless of the weather!